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Eagle Telecom has its head office in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada with branch offices in Woodstock, N.B. and Dartmouth, N.S. We provide a full range of Engineering and Construction services associated with OSP infrastructure facilities, both aerial and underground, and involving copper, fiber and coaxial designs.

Exchange area planning necessary for establishment and relief of feeder routes and serving areas interfaces.

Administration of facilities providing cable plant design and construction necessary for cable relief, loop make ups, building services and record updates.

Design, construction and inspection of underground conduit systems and associated cabinets, pedestals and interfaces.

Providing Building Industry Consulting Services (BICS) associated with building entrances and structured cabling requirements. We have a RCDD on staff if you are familiar with the BICSI accreditation.

The design and construction of associated pole line facilities including Right Of Way acquisitions and tree trimming.

Supply and installations of communication tower facilities.

Engineering searches and associated make ready activities required under support structure agreements with ILEC's.

Design of railway crossing including obtaining necessary approvals, permits and carrying out the actual construction.

Capabilities for all aspects of civil requirements associated with burying cable and installing conduit facilities, including directional and horizontal drilling and all general contracting requirements Eagle Telecom can provide a complete Design-Build option for our customers.

Currently we are providing one or more of the functions listed above to the following communication companies: Rogers Cable, Eastlink, and AT&T and various Power Ulilities, Government departments and various private developers in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.